current projects

My current projects include a middle-grade contemporary fiction novel about a boy struggling to accept himself and a picture book about a girl who has something important to say, though she doesn’t have words to say it.

I also completed a picture book biography about Clara Driscoll, one of the most important designers in the studios of Louis C. Tiffany. At the turn of the last century, Clara created a number of iconic Tiffany lamps and other objects of art. She was also the genius behind the Dragonfly lamp, which won a top medal at the 1900 Paris World’s Fair.

Under my bed, I have a  middle grade historical fiction novel about a newsie named Sol Skaletsky. The story is loosely based on my grandfather’s childhood. He started selling newspapers on the streets of Cincinnati when he was only six years old.

A friend of mine, who is an artist, drew a picture of my protagonist, Sol.

Sol Picture 6

Here’s a bit about the story:

It’s 1920 and eleven-year-old Sol Skaletsky needs a job. The rent’s gone up, Papa can’t get Mr. Meyer to give him a raise, and Mama’s not making nearly enough money taking in piecework. When Papa starts talking about bootlegging sacramental wine, Sol sets out to find a better way to fill the family’s Mason jar. A new sales partnership with Bennie Riseman, a seasoned newsboy for the Cincinnati Enquirer, gets the money flowing. But good partnerships depend on trust and when Bennie mysteriously disappears and leaves Sol with all the money they’ve earned, Sol must decide whether to go looking for his friend or keep the money for himself. Whatever he does, Sol better move fast, before the coppers catch up with Papa or Sol’s arch-enemy Wolf de Groote manages to shake all the pennies out of Sol’s pockets.

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