Here’s what other writers are saying about me:

“Danielle Sunshine’s vast knowledge and leadership experience in the SF regional chapter of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators means that she is uniquely qualified to edit work with an eye to both the craft and business of writing. Her patience, kindness, and sense of humor make learning from her a pleasure.”

-Lisa Papademetriou, bestselling author, former faculty at Sierra Nevada College, and graduate of Vermont College of Fine Arts

“I think Danielle excels as an editor. She is thorough, precise and inventive. She has a wide knowledge of children’s literature and a superior command of the English language. Whether for line editing or copy editing, I highly recommend her.”

-Jane Houng, MFA and author

“Danielle Sunshine is a conscientious and creative editor with a deep knowledge of craft. She is one of those rare mentors who can simultaneously support and challenge an author to bring out the best in a story.”

-Ashley Walker, PhD, MFA, writer