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Amber Edwards

I have the pleasure of working with Danielle Sunshine, an incredibly supportive writing coach who has helped me progress from having an unwieldy first draft to polished manuscript. From the moment we started our coaching sessions, I knew I was in good hands. She tailored her services to meet my specific needs and took the time to understand my goals, challenges, and aspirations, so that we could create a personalized coaching plan that fit me. Danielle also has expertise in my subject—middle grade literature and the performing arts, which is important for a new author.

Danielle’s kindness and patience was evident from the start, and she went above and beyond to help me overcome any hurdles that came my way. Consequently, I have made significant progress in areas where I had previously felt stuck. Her belief in my abilities and her consistent motivation pushed me to keep going. She also provided me with the tools, strategies, and insights I needed to overcome obstacles and achieve my goals.

I can confidently say that working with Danielle has been a transformative experience. Her dedication, industry knowledge, and genuine care for my success have made all the difference. I highly recommend her coaching services to anyone in need of a supportive and empowering writing coach.

—Amber Edwards, writer

Isabel Lopez

I worked with Danielle on A Believing Heart, the first picture book from Little Me & Co., and it was a wonderful journey that matched professionalism with a detailed analysis of character and story development. Danielle respects the singularity of the author while helping define the story to its full potential.

—Isabel Lopez, author and founder of Little Me & Co

Anisha Davis

Sunshine is truly what Danielle became to me as my editor. Her bright light, attention to detail, and ability to turn my story into a children’s friendly masterpiece that will transcend time left me in tears. There’s no price great enough for the compassion, patience, and grace Danielle has shown me as a first time author and as a human being. Race, culture, and class are all tough subject matters. Danielle helped me wrap my story into something so needful, peaceful, and beautiful with a sparkly, colorful, and well tied bow. I am forever indebted!

—Anisha Davis, author

Amy Babcock

“I recently received a comprehensive edit from Danielle. I strongly recommend her services to any aspiring author of children’s books. She is an experienced and educated professional. I feel like I’ve taken a class in how to write picture books.  She was also very supportive, pointing out my strengths and encouraging me. My story is so much stronger due to her advice and feedback.”

—Amy Babcock, writer, piano and voice teacher, drama and speech coach

Christina Lloyd

“Danielle Sunshine does a stellar job introducing my creative writing students to the elements and structures of fiction. Her enthusiasm and expertise inspire them to pen short stories of their own. Her workshop is always the highlight of our semester.”

— Christina Lloyd, PhD, poet and instructor at Crystal Springs Uplands School ​

Michael Bergman

For a budding/first time author, I knew I’d need more than just an editor’s red pen and Danielle delivered across the board. Really, there isn’t a more fitting word than “perfect” to describe my experience and I couldn’t recommend working with her enough.
Now, I interviewed nearly a dozen editors for my project before landing on Danielle. From our first call together, I could tell that she was a special person and a talented one, too. It was obvious that she cared about my project’s success and would go beyond my expectations. She was hungry for insight, asking not just “what” I was writing but “why” I was writing it. I took solace in the fact that she was going to care as deeply as I did about my book, which was so comforting and important to me.
Regarding her edits, she was meticulous and obsessive, giving each and every word her full attention. After I got my first round back, I will admit that I was concerned with the amount of feedback she had, but can now see that her suggestions only went on to make my work as strong as possible. Her margin notes were detail-oriented and professional, while her editorial letter hit the nail on the head when it came to overall criticism and conceptual analysis. In tandem, they elevated my work beyond what I could’ve imagined and are the reason why I am so very proud of what I have accomplished today.
Lastly, regarding Danielle as a person, there is no one better. She was and is simply unbelievable. The way she nurtured me as not just a writer nor client but as a human being…she understands how difficult the plight of the artist is and was so supportive in quelling my nerves, keeping me motivated, and seeing me through to the last page.
I trust Danielle with more than just my words… I can’t thank her enough.
—Michael Bergman, author of Cryboy

Owen Guo

Danielle Sunshine did a line edit of my 27,000-word fantasy novel. By working with her, I realized that she has the vision and rich experience to examine and edit a manuscript. Her comments are accurate, complete, and full of attention to detail. More importantly, she is also an inventive professional who takes the author’s perspective into consideration. I feel lucky to work with her and highly recommend her services.

—Owen Guo, author, prize-winning screenwriter, and language professor

Pam Verhagen

“Danielle did a substantive edit of my 37,000 word middle-grade fantasy novel. She went through my novel so carefully. Her comments have been instrumental in bringing my story to a new level. I highly recommend her services.”

—Pam Verhagen, writer

Lisa Papademetriou

“Danielle Sunshine’s vast knowledge and leadership experience in the SF regional chapter of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators means that she is uniquely qualified to edit work with an eye to both the craft and business of writing. Her patience, kindness, and sense of humor make learning from her a pleasure.

Lisa Papademetriou, MFA and bestselling author, founder of Bookflow

Jane Houng

“I think Danielle excels as an editor. She is thorough, precise and inventive. She has a wide knowledge of children’s literature and a superior command of the English language. Whether for line editing or copy editing, I highly recommend her.”

—Jane Houng, MFA and author

Erik Ellis

Danielle’s visits to my Stanford writing classes have been invaluable. She offers countless editorial insights and detailed suggestions to help students develop their picture books. She explains her reasoning so clearly and suggests revisions so constructively and enthusiastically—while also generously praising students’ achievements—that students leave with a jolt of motivation to revise. Danielle clearly loves language and understands storytelling and the complex relationship between words and images.

Here’s what some of my students have had to say about her visits:

    • “I liked her feedback and how she went through each page and noted even very minor changes so we can really optimize our final book.”
    • “She gave great insight as to how the characters should be feeling and the logical arc of the story.”
    • “I think that getting outside feedback from an established writer in this space was super helpful. She provided a lot of targeted constructive criticisms, which was extremely valuable in the early stages of developing our book.”
    • “She gave feedback about our book that I never would have even thought of. It was very helpful hearing from someone in the field.”
    • “She had such a seasoned and experienced eye, and could share industry trends that we would otherwise be uninformed about.”

—Erik Ellis, PhD, Advanced Lecturer, Writing and Rhetoric Studies, Stanford University

Ashley Walker

“Danielle Sunshine is a conscientious and creative editor with a deep knowledge of craft. She is one of those rare mentors who can simultaneously support and challenge an author to bring out the best in a story.”

—Ashley Walker, PhD, MFA, writer

Anne E. Beall

“Danielle Sunshine performed a line edit of my entire book and suggested changes that made each chapter sensorially richer. She took many of my clunky sentences and transformed them into elegant, inviting prose. She was a great pleasure to work with throughout the process and greatly improved the manuscript at every turn.  I will definitely work with her again.”

Anne E. Beall, author of 8 books including, 5-Minute Meditation Vacations – Magical Journeys with a Personal Message

Jarryd Bendall

“Danielle went so far above and beyond what I would expect of an editor. Professionally, Danielle’s edits were detailed and thorough, whilst getting straight to the heart of where my writing could stand to improve. Her editorial letter rang true and reasonable in the areas she identified for improvement, and she clearly explained her reasoning so that I knew not just where but how and why to make changes to my manuscript. I knew as soon as I started reading that she was right on the money with her assessment, and I felt immediately inspired to get back to work on my manuscript and improve it with her directions.

Personally, Danielle really looked after me as a writer. She checked in on my progress more than she was obligated to. Her critique never felt like criticism, it felt like she was genuinely trying to help me become a better writer. She identified and encouraged my existing strengths as a writer, and was considerate in the way she brought up areas for improvement. I genuinely felt like she cared about my work and me as a writer and wanted to see both do better. If you are lucky enough to form a working relationship with Danielle, you will be well looked after.”

—Jarryd Bendall

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